A change to the calendar

It’s hard to believe we’re almost at the end of the semester.

As it turns out, we didn’t fall behind on the syllabus (as I had anticipated we might). That means we really don’t need Monday, April 30 and Wednesday, May 2 for any new content.

So, those of us present in class today made a collective decision: instead of dealing with presentations during exam week, we’ll do them next week, since people are just about ready, anyway. We’ll plan to do three on Monday and two on Wednesday.

The essay that accompanies the presentation will still be due by the end of our scheduled exam period—i.e., by 10:00 am on Monday, May 7.

Announcements, Assignments

Reading for Friday, April 27

For Friday, please skim through the HRW report, “Trying Charles Taylor in the Hague: Making Justice Accessible to Those Most Affected.” Come to class prepared to talk about what you see as the human rights issues raised by the Taylor case, and about the challenges of enforcement.

Announcements, Assignments

Readings for this week

Just as a reminder—for Wednesday’s class, we’ll be reading the Convention on the Rights of the Child with its Optional Protocols.

For Friday, we’ll be reading the Kilkelly article (see the course calendar for full publication information). The article is available electronically through the Project Muse database.

Announcements, Assignments

We’re back!

If you’re seeing this, you’ll know that our site is up and running again.

The old URL should still bring you here; it should redirect (that’s an intentional redirect this time!) automatically. That means the link in Blackboard should also work. Still, if you want to play it safe, I’d suggest bookmarking the new address: http://hrs2012.amycavender.org.

All of the content from the previous site made it through the transition (though you’ll notice that the timestamps on the post are all from the end of March; they don’t reflect the time and date of the original posts).


Change in Wednesday and Friday schedule

This is just a reminder that we’ve flipped the Wednesday and Friday classes for this week (and this change is reflected in the course calendar). We’ll read and discuss CEDAW and its Optional Protocols for Wednesday; the exam (take-home) will be Friday of this week.


Project, presentation, and wiki assignment

You’ll find the assignment sheet here. For those who may be new to working with wikis, we’ll do some practice work in class. We’ll also discuss in class whether to keep the wiki private or make it public (and, if we decide to make it public, whether to use our real names or pseudonyms).


Exam 2 study guide, plus a link

You’ll find the study guide for our second exam (which will take the place of our usual class session on Wednesday, March 21) here.

Also, for anyone interested, here’s the link to the article Laura mentioned to us right before break.


Interesting blog post

In light of some of today’s class discussion, I thought you might find this post by Prof. Ari Kohen of interest.

Announcements, Supplementary materials

Essay assignment #1

You’ll find the first essay assignment here. Please note that it’s due by class time on Monday, March 5.


More on the timeline project possibility

As I promised in class, here are some links with more information about the kind of timeline we talked about. Many thanks to Brian Croxall for putting all the information together.

  • An overview (including a very helpful video)
  • How to set up the spreadsheet (I’ve already formatted the spreadsheet correctly; you’d just need to enter data into the spreadsheet you should already have access to)
  • Setting up the web page (this would be my responsibility to take care of, but I include it here so you can see how it works):

There’s also a sample timeline to look at.

Again, doing this project together isn’t a requirement, but it might be helpful to us for a number of reasons. Should we decide to do it, we’ll shift the expectations for the wiki a bit. We can talk more in class on Wednesday.

Announcements, Assignments, Supplementary materials